Necklace: A Chic multi colored druzy flower necklace, tender and delicate, the length of which is 74 cm long is elegantly studded with 8 druzy gemstones in pink, green and white. 

Each druzy has 4 prongs to ensure a clenching hold it requires. 

The necklace is gold plated on base metal and makes a classic statement. Spruce up any formal or casual attire. Even a bride may enlighten her gown with something so cheerful and invigorating. 

Mesmerizing effects and heart wrenching satisfaction, this necklace is one of a kind.

 It may look flimzy but once it sits on your neck it flaunts it’s presence with pride and honor. 

Earrings: The impeccable and serene combination of white, pink and blueish purplish druzy gemstone is riveting and enchanting. 
The elongated shape and length of which provides a stylish and a glamorous look. 

The length of the earrings is 7.2cm and it is 1.5cm in width with each druzy being half an inch in size. 

It is 22kt gold plated on base metal.

The structure is held together with 5 chains that ensure its durability and longevity.

 Tip: no two druzy can be alike, in terms of shape, size, texture and color.

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